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Flaams - Dutch
Flaams - Dutch
Mine Parade

Every year on the second Sunday in Advent (the Sunday following the Saint’s Day of Saint Barbara on the 4th of December) a traditional parade of the Fell Miners’ Orchestra called the “Bergparade” takes place.

Mine Parade in Fell
Following the church service (organised with the support of the Fell Miners’ Orchestra and the Mens’ Choir MGV) a requiem takes place at the cemetery. After this, the musicians from the Miners’ Orchestra gather for the Mine Parade. They then parade through the town in their festive uniforms finishing at the Barbara Grotto at the beginning of the Educational Mine Trail. In addition to the Fell community, numerous mining friends from the Saarland, Treves and the whole region participate. The mining parade finishes with the traditional miners hymn “Das Steigerlied” (lit. The Foreman’s Song), while the traditional “Ehrenschnaps” (lit. Honour Schnapps) is served.

Mine Parade in Thomm
The celebration St Barbara’s Saint’s Day commences with a high mass in memory of the living and dead of the Miners’ Orchestra in the St. Pauls Conversion Parish Church. Following this, the parade proceeds to the St Barbara statue at the Pergenborn (junction Triererstrasse / Waldracher Weg), accompanied by the Miners’ Orchestra “Glück Auf”.

An online video of the Miners’ Parade 2004 in Fell can be found on our video page.