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Flaams - Dutch
Flaams - Dutch
Fell Buglers

      “Fell Buglers Signal for the Hunt”
Before mobile telephones were invented, the ruling lords and barons communicated during the hunt with horn signals. There was a signal for every important occurrence during the hunt and two types of horn prevailed for signalling purposes: the smaller “Count Bless Horn” and the larger “Parforce Horn”. What was originally only intended as a means of communication on vast terrain later developed into an independent form of music. Traditional folk music, airs and marches are played on the horns. The Fell Buglers have maintained the tradition of bugling for the hunt for years. If the weather and their time are permitting, the buglers practice Sunday mornings at the Fell Exhibition Mine and signal for the hunt. Anyone interested in listening to the “Hubertus March”, the “Jäger aus Kurpfalz” (Hunter from Palatinate) or the “Parforce March” is welcome to join the morning pint Sundays at the Fell Exhibition Mine. The traditional airs “Sau tot!” (lit. Boar Dead!), “Hirsch tot!” (lit. Stag Dead!), “Hase tot!” (lit. Hare Dead!), “Begrüßug” (lit. Welcome), “Sammeln der Jäger” (lit. Gathering the Hunters), “Jagd vorbei” (lit End of the Hunt) and other melodies from the hunt are part of the “Fell Buglers’” repertoire.