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Flaams - Dutch
Flaams - Dutch
Anfahrt mit dem "Schiefer Express":
An Wochenenden und an Feiertagen mit dem Schieferexpress ins Besucherbergwerk Fell:

Fahrplan des Schiefer Express als PDF

How to find Fell and Thomm

Geographical Location: The wine producing town of Fell is situated in the far west of Germany in Rhineland Palatinate, only a few kilometres downstream from Trevess on the Moselle River. Fell is also easily accessible from Luxembourg.
Approaching from :Trevess (Trier): Follow the autobahn in the direction of “Schweich”; and at the interchange “Moseltal” take the “Longuich / Fell” exit
Approaching from Luxemburg: Follow the autobahn in the direction of “Trier”, past the town and then in the direction of “Ehrang”; cross the Moselle River and drive in the direction of “Koblenz-Saarbrücken”; at the “Moseltal” interchange you will find the “Longuich / Fell” exit

Approaching from the direction of Saarbrücken :

Follow the autobahn in direction “Trier” and then take the “Mehrig / Fell” exit.
On Arrival in Fell: Turn in the direction of “Thomm” and across the bridge and continue straight ahead. Then follow the signs to the “Besucherbergwerk Fell” (Fell Exhibition Mine).
The Fell Exhibition Mine is situated in the Nosserntal (Nossern Valley) between Fell and Thomm.

Thomm: The former mining village Thomm can be reached directly via the B52: When approaching from Trier, follow the autobahn in the direction of “Schweich” and then take the “Hermeskeil / B52” exit. The “Thomm” exit is marked on the B52.