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Flaams - Dutch
Flaams - Dutch
Gold Fever in Fell
Children’s Birthday Party in the Slate Mine!

    Guided Tour - Especially for Children!
Our group tour is specifically designed to captivate children. The children learn how, due to child labour, one-sided nourishment and the back breaking work in the mines, generations of miners developed into dwarves. We explain why bats hibernate in mines during winter, and what fool’s gold actually is (the birthday child is presented with a small rubber bat as a souvenir).

Small Snack / Refreshments
After the tour the children receive a refreshment drink (coke, lemonade or fruit juice; during winter: hot chocolate), and a fried sausage, the parents: a cup of coffee or tea.

The Length of Your Stay is up to You!
By incorporating a walk (1-3 hours, depending on the route) and time spent on rest and recreation (if desired), you can decide if your stay will last 3.5 hours or anything up to an open end - whatever suits you!

Panning for Gold at the Mine Well
The birthday child can then try washing for gold. With a gold miner’s pan, he/she can pan for (fool’s) gold at the mine well. “Washing” is a miners’ term for separating mineral from refuse rock (the varying density of the material results in different buoyancy in water, which makes the rinsing of the sand possible).

Fool’s gold (iron pyrite) is a sulphur iron compound which looks similar to gold. The birthday child receives a test tube of pyrite (success of panning is thus guaranteed). Incidentally - the Dutch call fools gold “Blechgold” (tin gold) and the Germans “Katzengold” (cat’s gold).

Treasure Hunt in the Sandpit
The children use a screen riddle in order to find semi-precious stones in the sand pit (one stone per child).

Fun and Games
“Discover” the numerous entrance tunnels along the Slate Mining Educational Trail (“Grubenwanderweg”) in the direct vicinity of the mine (very interesting for children - don’t forget to bring torches in order to shine into the tunnel mouths!). The exhibition mine also sports a mine car exhibition; a number of pit cars, the so-called “crew wagons” have been converted into a playground for children.
Appropriate Clothing
As events often occur outdoors (open pavilions), please remember to bring appropriate clothing suitable for bad weather.