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Flaams - Dutch
Flaams - Dutch
Mine and Wine

The Mining Experience
(€ 9.00 per person)
Museum “Mine and Wine” with Video Presentation
Following your arrival, take the time to experience the back breaking work of slate miners, slaters and wine makers first hand - we have the tools on display in our small museum “Mine and Wine”: pick-axes, helmets, wedges, baskets, and mine lamps...

Video Presentation: Modern Slate Mining
Our video presentation illustrates modern state-of-the-art slate mining in Europe (length approx. 10 minutes) taking place in the Rathscheck Slate Mine near Mayen.

Mine Tour
Afterwards we descend with our guide into the Fell Exhibition Mine (on foot!), and encounter the impressive former world of local (pre-industrial) slate mining (length approx. 60 minutes).

Demonstration: Working with Slate
Following this, you will witness a demonstration illustrating how the raw material is processed with slate cutters or a slate hammer and slater’s anvil into a finished slat (length approx. 15 minutes)

Miner’s Snack:
You will then receive sustenance in the form of a miner’s breakfast, the so called “half shift”; one cup of coffee, a bread roll and a slice of a local polony sausage ring per person (length approx. 30 minutes)

The Vineyard Experience
(€ 7.45 per person)
Use your own transport to drive to a Fell vineyard for a cosy wine tasting session. Should you be blessed with fine weather, we recommend walking from the exhibition mine to a vineyard in Fell or Fastrau. The path there will pass by a numerous historical mines (entry tunnels), through picturesque vineyards and finally through the winemaking town of Fell (length of the walk to the vineyard: approximately 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the location of the vineyard). With a bus, it is possible to reach the winemaking town of Fell within 15 minutes.

Wine Tasting at the Vineyard
On the estate you will experience a wine tasting session in cosy surroundings accompanied by the vintager’s thorough expert commentary, throughout which you will have the opportunity of sampling at least six different regional wines. Ranging from quality wines to those of superb merit, you will experience the versatile and unique taste spectrum of the local wines, by tasting the different varieties of wine (from white to red: riesling, rivaner, pinot blanc and pinot noir, depending on the vineyard) in the diversity of flavours (dry to smooth). To accompagny wine, the vintager will serve a small meal (probably consisting of bread with lard, cheese sandwich, white bread) and mineral water (length of wine tasting session: approximately 1.5 hours).

Wine Tasting occurs at following vineyards::
(you can also contact the vineyards (in German: Weingut) directly, if desired, the wine tasting can also be conducted at the Fell Exhibition Mine)
  • Weingut Heinen-Granz (bis 60 Pers.), Fell, Tel 06502 ? 8443, Fax 7533
  • Weingut Helmut Krämer-Lorscheider (bis 50 Pers.), Fell, Tel/Fax. 06502 - 8459
  • Weingut u. Straußwirtschaft Gerhard Kronz (bis 60 Pers.), Fell-Fastrau, Tel/Fax 06502 - 8643
  • Weingut Franz-Rudolf Meirer (bis 30 Pers.), Fell-Fastrau, Tel 06502 - 8797, Fax 20171
  • Weingut Werner Rodens-Krämer (bis 60 Pers.), Fell, Tel 06502 - 95612, Fax 995572
  • Weingut Alfons Rohles (bis 55 Pers.), Fell, Tel. 06502 - 2198, Fax 937441
  • Weingut Willi Rohles (bis 50 Pers.), Fell, Tel/Fax 06502 - 5939
  • Weingut Gottfried Schmitt (bis 20-25 Pers.), Fell, Tel 06502-4329 Fax 95301
  • Restaurant "Zum Winzerkeller" (bis 80 Personen); Fell, Tel/Fax 06502-9384435

Our vintagers are delighted to introduce you to local wines (as described above). On request and for an additional charge, they would be happy to organise a more comprehensive wine tasting session! After the wine tasting you have the opportunity of buying excellent wines at favourable producer prices!

Overall cost beginning at € 16.45 per person (= The Mining Experience: € 9.00 + The Vineyard Experience: from € 7.45 per person). Minimum number of participants: 15 persons, i.e. a minimum fee of € 135.00.

Time Required:
Approximately 4 hours (approx. 2 hours mine and 1.5 hours wine tasting)