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Slate Mining Trail
Educational Trail
Slate Mining Trail Map
Information Points 1-6
Eichbaum I Mine
Lower Schürzig Mine
Eichbaum II Mine
Pre-cast Concrete Factory
St Josef Mine
Kobenbach Mine - Old Drift
Hofgrube and Vogelsberg
Vogelsberg II Mine
Vogelsberg I Mine
Barbara and Hoffnung Mines
Walli Drift
Upper Schürzig Mine
Flaams - Dutch
Flaams - Dutch
Kobenbach Mine - Old Drift
11. Kobenbach Mine - Old Drift After 40m the main gallery turned to the right, passing through a minute slate deposit at this point, but only penetrated barren rock from then onwards.
The first operators then enlarged the small chamber in the area around the turning point, striking a very large and workable deposit in the process, from which the first stope developed. During later phases of operation, further chambers with formidable dimensions were created and after the final surveying of the mine a fifth chamber was developed, which was only rediscovered in 1989. With this last chamber, situated in further to the left, a regular round tour, which leads from the third and fourth chambers into the second, was rendered possible. Also not included on the mine map is a service and slate shaft which was rediscovered in 1990 and features a further drift, leading from the stoping level to the right.

There is no sign of water ingressing into the mine so that it is rather dry.