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Flaams - Dutch
Flaams - Dutch
Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara (celebrated on December 4th) is patron saint of the miners, stone crushers, firemen and architects. She is usually depicted with a bible (fortitude in faith), a tower with three windows (trinity), palm fronds (symbol of victory over evil) and a sword (Barbara was decapitated). Impressive Barbara Depictions can be found in and around Fell:
  • in the exhibition mine
  • in our documentation centre at the exhibition mine - dating from 1897 (2nd picture)
  • in the Fell Parish Church St Martin (3rd picture)
  • on the Slate Mine Educational Trail - Sixth Station: St Barbara Grotto (4th picture)
  • in the possession of the Miners’ Orchestra (5th picture)
  • in the Parish Church of the neighbouring town Longuich (6th picture)
  • in the neighbouring town of Thomm on the corner Trierer Strasse / Waldracher Strasse (7th picture)
  • in Butzweiler - Parrocial church St. Remigius. (8th picture)
  • in Bleialf - Statue belonging to the Miners’ Association (9th picture)
  • in Trevess - Façade on the Barbara Primary School (10th picture)
  • in Wellen / Obermosel - Casino (11th picture)
  • in Wellen / Obermosel - Chapel (12th picture)
  • in the Exhibition Mine Düppenweiler (13th picture)
  • in Esch / Alzette, Cokerill Mine (Luxembourg) (14th picture)
  • in Alles s/Semois (France) - Slate Mine (15th picture)
  • in the Exhibition Mine Rümelingen (Luxemburg) (16th picture)
  • in the “Fellertal” Tavern (Maximinstrasse) in Fell (17th picture)
St Barbara’s Day
Every year on the second Sunday in Advent (the Sunday following the Saint’s Day of Saint Barbara on the 4th of December) a traditional parade in her honour takes place. The Miners’ Orchestra parades through the town in their festive uniforms and carrying an effigy of St. Barbara finishing at the Barbara Grotto (Educational Mine Trail Station 5/6), where those killed while mining are remembered. A parade in honour of St Barbara is also organised every year in Thomm.