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Fell, Fastrau, Thomm
Fell - A Slate Village
Fell - A Monument
Fell - A Wine Village
Jewish Cemetery, Fell
Fastrau Community
Neighbouring Village of Thomm
Flaams - Dutch
Flaams - Dutch
Fell - A Slate Village

The Devonian slate constitutes the foundation for the Fell community.

The grapevine is an organism which absorbs nutrients from the ground and transforms them into aromas. Therefore, each individual soil with its supply of nutrients will give the wine a characteristic taste. The combination of Devonian slate and the deep Moselle Valley nearby not only create a picturesque landscape, but an ideal basis for winegrowing (for more information see “Fell - A Wine Town”).

Charming Slate Houses in Fell

The wine growing town of Fell is characterized by the slate in two respects. The scenic surroundings of the town are not only composed of slate, but slate also influences the town’s appearance, especially along the main street, the “Kirchstrasse” (lit. Church Street). Houses constructed of slate rubble were formerly regarded as being poor man’s homes during the era of economic boom after World War II and consequently the slate was often plastered over. Today they are priceless and the owners are rightfully proud of the slate character of their houses! Around town there are still a number of slate rubble houses, to be found from the turn of the century, noble mansions which are a testimony of the past wealth of the citizens of Fell, during an era where winegrowing and slate mining both still blossomed.