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Flaams - Dutch
Your Safety

These signs represent pieces of interesting technological and industrial history - the hazards indicated are still very real and on occasion life-threatening. Please take note of the following safety information:

Mine shafts
Disused (inoperative) mine shafts are extremely dangerous! Entering mines is prohibited by the mine police. Along the slate mining educational trail in Fell all shafts have been secured with bat gratings. The bats use the shafts during winter for hibernation. Bats, which are woken while hibernating between November and March by curious visitors inevitably die, as they cannot find any food during these months. Please respect bat conservation! Do not damage the bat gratings and do not attempt to enter the barred shafts. It is possible to photograph (don’t forget to bring a flash) through the grating into the shafts and thus create interesting photographs of what’s below ground. In and around the roofing slate region of Trevess there are a number of unsecured historical mines. Entering these shafts is prohibited and extremely dangerous! Photograph the entrance holes of these mines! Alternatively, using a flash, photograph into the shafts from a safe distance. If you wish to witness the authentic and fascinating atmosphere and work in a slate mine without danger, then visit us at the Fell Exhibition Mine!

The Dumps
The Dumps are cultural monuments of the mining industry. The removal of dump material is prohibited. The heaps, especially the slate dumps, often act as ecological niches, a habitat for thermophile (heat loving) plants and animals. Therefore: do not trespass upon the dumps, particularly during the winter months, as lizards and blindworms are hibernating within the dumps. Furthermore, trespassing upon the dumps is dangerous. Falling on the heaps can result in serious injury, particularly serious cuts and abrasions. In some places there is also the additional danger of being trapped by falling rocks. Please keep to the paths and do not trespass upon the dumps! Don’t throw stones down the heaps! Paths often pass along below the heaps and the people walking there could be injured.

The Pit Cars
Along the Slate Mining Educational trail (“Grubenwanderweg”), a number of different mining cars located in front various shafts. These pit cars are not a playground. The pit cars are authentic documentation material and illustrate the diversity of rail-bound transport in the mining industry. Jutting or moveable parts on the individual pit cars pose a risk of injury. Please supervise your children and do not allow them to climb and play in or on the pit cars. (Two freely accessible crew wagons have been furbished especially for children to play with at the “Hoffnung” (Hope) Dump in front of the Fell Exhibition Mine.

The Quarries
Quarries are disused mineral excavation sites. They have neither been examined nor approved in regard to safety issues for public access. Entering the quarries is prohibited. The danger of rockslides is inherent! The alternation of frost and thaw during winter prompts so called frost wedging: mechanical loosening, which results in dangerous rock falls especially in spring. Never leave your children unattended! Many individual blocks exhibit traces of mining (blast holes, cutting marks etc.) and present an opportunity for interesting photographs. Always keep at an appropriate distance to the dangerous steep faces and do not climb upon the dumps.

The Signs
Pay attention to information, prohibition and danger signs! The signs warn you of risks, which you yourself often cannot immediately recognize. Even if signs do not explicitly cite a danger, an inherent risk always remains. In consequence, do not enter active or inactive mining areas without the respective authority or an expert guide. It is imperative to respect fences, gates or other barriers!

Exhibition mines present an opportunity to experience the fascinating world of mining without risk or danger.