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Flaams - Dutch
Flaams - Dutch
Vogelsberg Quarry
The Vogelsberg Quarry is of interest for the geologist as much as for the mining enthusiast. On the left hand side of the quarry fascinating fold textures are discernable. The fact that slate erodes very slowly, is obvious by the thin soil horizon dissected by the quarry.
The closed quarries are a paradise for thermophile animals: blindworms and lizards (photo) are to be found in large populations here.
Evidence of mining technology can be found on the extracted blocks: traces of wedges, crowbar (lit. goat-foot) and boring rod have been left behind.
This is the end of a drill hole, where the explosives (lit. the shot) ignited.
Cleavage and stratification are virtually perpendicular to one another in the slate from Fell, the reason why there are no fossils to be found. The bottle opener is located in the plane of cleavage, which is the direction in which the slate (in the pit moist state) can be cleaved relatively easily. The lines (in the photograph horizontal) perpendicular to this plane show the stratification, ie the old sea bed horizons.